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Volume 1


Carefully revised and expanded from 797 PRAYER HELPS by Bro. Autry Barnhill.

Additions made according to the Holy Scriptures, Authorized King James Version, by Bro. David Spivey for clarity, consistency, and additional prayer helps.




The function of this booklet is to help you pray. Many times, we don't know how our prayers should be formed, or our prayer lives become dry. Even the disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to pray [Luke 11:1]. This book helps when you have exhausted your prayers, and don't know what to pray next. It also helps you to pray more thoroughly and in depth. The Bible says that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” [2 Timothy 3:16] (emphasis added). Jesus quoted from the Old Testament when He said “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” [Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4]. If we pray according to these and all scriptures, we live by the Word of God and have a deep prayer life, even as Jesus did.


Basic Usage


This book is generally organized so you can pray "Help me (...)" or "Lord Jesus, help me (...)" The prayer help "Be perfect", for example, means "Lord Jesus, help me be perfect." However, not every prayer help is this way. For example, a prayer help such as "Lord give me warnings of things to come" is complete all by itself. Use common sense when praying according to these words, as they are not simply words to be spoken. They are to be prayed from your heart, in faith. Otherwise you pray them in vain [Exodus 20:7, Matthew 6:7, 15:7-9, James 1:26]. Don’t feel bound to a certain prayer style, but let every prayer come from your heart, using these helps in a way that fits your own prayer style.


Special Features


Parentheses generally indicate a descriptive meaning of a word, or an expansion on the purpose of the text. For example, in the prayer help "Not call my brother Raca (senseless, worthless)", the words in parentheses explain the meaning of the untranslated and ambiguous word "Raca". In the prayer help “To be a child of Abraham (a child of faith)”, the phrase in parentheses indicates the purpose of being called a spiritual child of Abraham. Use understanding and wisdom when reading and praying. Some meaning can only be understood by reading the scriptures in depth yourself.


When short descriptions are inadequate, you will see full and detailed explanations in a box below a prayer help. These explanations will assist your understanding of the scriptures. Praying words without understanding their meaning is worthless and hypocritical, but prayer with wisdom and knowledge is of great value [1 Corinthians 14:9-20, 1 John 5:14-15].


Final Remarks


Whenever you are confused about a prayer help, you are encouraged to open your Bible to the chapter where the prayer help is found. The numbers in this book indicate the chapter number where you can reference the Word of God. Ask God for wisdom to pray. He will not punish you for asking for wisdom [James 1:5].




    Be found with You, Jesus

    Be a just man

    Warn me of bad decisions

    To not fear to do Your will

    Save me from my sins

    Fulfill Your Word in my life

    To be pure as a virgin for You

    To show forth You, Jesus

    Do as the Spirit/Word says


    Be a wise man

    To be one of Your people - Israel in spirit

    To know true worship, and worship You in true worship

    Go before me to lead me by Your signs

    To rejoice with exceeding great joy

    To present my treasures to You

    To flee and escape destruction

    To search for You diligently

    Lord give me warnings of things to come

    Let angels appear to me


    To have a repentant spirit

    To prepare the way of You, Lord, in my life

    To make my paths straight

    To go out and hear Your prophets

    To confess my sins

    To bring forth fruits meet for repentance

    To be a child of Abraham (a child of faith)

    To bring forth good fruit

    Baptize me with the Holy Ghost and fire

    Purge me

    Gather me with Your wheat (children)

    Burn the chaff out of me

    To fulfill all righteousness

    To be a beloved Son

    For You to be well pleased with me


    To be led by Your Spirit

    To live to please You

    To fast and live by Your Word

    To use Your Word properly, not as the devil does

    To not tempt You

    To not accept the kingdoms and riches of this world in exchange for my soul

    To not accept social or government positions in replacement of my ministry

    To serve and worship You only

    Let angels minister unto me

    Let light spring up in me

    To preach that men should repent

    Lord make me a fisher of men

    To leave my daily life, and follow You

    Make a preacher of the gospel out of me

    To have power to heal all manner of sickness and disease

    To heal those possessed with the devil and lunatic


    To be poor in spirit (humble)

    To mourn

    To be meek

    To hunger and thirst after righteousness

    To be merciful

    To be pure in heart

    To be a peacemaker

    To be persecuted for righteousness sake

    To be reviled, persecuted, and spoken evil of for Your sake

    Then rejoice and be exceedingly glad

    For my salt to not lose its savor

    To be a light unto the world

    To not hide my light under a bushel, but rather on a candlestick

    Let my light so shine before men to see Your good works

    To fulfil Your law and Your prophecies

    To keep every "jot" (small letter) and "tittle" (tiny mark) of your law

    Not to break even the least commandment

    Not to teach men to break the least commandment

    To do and teach every commandment

    My righteousness to exceed the righteousness of scribes and Pharisees

    Not to kill

    Not to be angry with my brother without cause

    Not call my brother Raca (senseless, worthless)

    Not call my brother fool (idiot, moron)

    Be reconciled to brother with anything against me

    Agree with adversary while in the way with him

    Not to be in debt

    Get lust out of me

    My eye not offend

    My hand or any other member not offend

    Not to put away my wife/husband except for fornication

    Not to commit adultery or any fornication

    Not to marry someone who has been divorced

    Not swear

    Not to try to change the color of my hair

    Let my communication be yea yea, nay nay (yes, yes, no, no)

    Resist not evil (being done to me)

    Turn other cheek if smitten (struck, hit)

    If I am sued, to give more than is asked

    If coat asked for, give cloak also

    If asked to go one mile, go two

    Give if asked

    Not to turn away any who ask for help


    Love my enemies

    Bless those who curse me

    Do good to those who hate me

    Pray for those who spitefully use me or persecute me

    Love those that don’t love me

    To greet my enemies, too

    Be perfect, even as my Father in heaven is perfect


    Not to do my alms (gifts to the poor) before men

    Not to sound a trumpet when doing alms

    Not to do anything for the glory of men, and lose my reward in heaven

    Do my giving in secret. Left hand not know what right hand does

    Pray in secret

    Not pray vain repetitions

    To remember that you know my needs before I ask

    Pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud

    To give honor to Your holy Name - Jesus

    That Your kingdom will dwell in me

    That I will do Your will, as it’s done in heaven

    Read the Word of God daily (spiritual bread), and daily feed me natural food

    Forgive my debts, sins and trespasses

    Forgive men their debts and trespasses against me

    Not to be led into temptation

    Be delivered from evil

    To honor Your kingdom, power and glory forever

    When fasting, anoint my head, wash my face, and not appear sad or weary

    Not to lay up treasures upon earth but rather lay them up in heaven

    Let my heart be in heaven, and not in this world

    Let my eye be single (whole, healthy), and full of light

    That my eye not be evil

    Get darkness out of me

    To serve God not mammon (money, wealth)

    To serve no natural thing above You (TV, telephone, computer, music, pleasure seeking, etc.)

    Take no though for my life, what to eat, drink, or wear

    Not to be of little faith

    To remember You will always feed and clothe me

    Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness

    Take no thought for tomorrow

    Let tomorrow’s evil be sufficient for tomorrow, and not worry about it today


    To judge not

    To give mercy, love, and kindness in great measure

    Not behold mote (speck) in brother’s eye but consider not the beam (log) in my eye

    To cast out the beam (log) in my own eye so I can see clearly



The mote (or speck) that Jesus spoke about here is the sin you might see in another person's life. Their sin may appear to be a small one, but often we have much larger sin in our own lives (the beam, or log in our own eye). First, let us cast out our own sins, then we can see clearly to help others remove sins from their life.



● To not look at the sin in others’ lives without considering my own sin first

● To remove sin from my own life so I can see clearly to help others remove sin from their life.


    Not to be a hypocrite

    Not give that which is holy to the dogs (evildoers), nor cast pearls before swine

    Ask, seek, knock

    To ask You, Father for good things

    What I would have men to do unto me so do I unto them

    Enter in at the strait (narrow) gate - self denial

    Lead me to life through that narrow gate, Father

    Beware of false prophets

    To know false prophets by their works and whether their sayings come to pass

    Bring forth good fruit (deeds) not evil fruit

    To know evil men by their fruits (deeds)

    To enter into the kingdom of heaven, not be left out

    To know You personally

    Do Your will and sayings

    To base and build my life on You, Jesus

    To teach and preach with Your authority


    Lord, cleanse me

    To have and tell the testimony of Your work in my life

    Give me great faith, not little faith

    To have the faith for You to speak the Word only, and I be made whole

    Not to be cast out of the kingdom of heaven

    To minister to You, Jesus

    To cast out evil spirits by Your Word

    To heal the sick, as You did

    To bear (lift) the infirmities and sicknesses of the people by Your Spirit

    Follow You

    To leave the spiritually dead (unbelievers) alone

    To not be fearful

    Give me great faith and see it

    To speak Your Word, and believe that even the elements must obey

    To tell the devil and his demons to GO!


    Give me power to forgive sins

    To think no evil in my heart

    To sit down with You and eat

    Teach me Your scriptures, Your Word

    To make men whole, healthy, by Your Word

    To have mercy on others

    To not try to save the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance

    To fast as Your Spirit directs

    Make a new vessel, cloth, bottle out of me to receive the new wine (Your Spirit)

    To touch You, Jesus

    To be of good comfort, and teach others to do so

    Give me compassion

    Send forth laborers into Your harvest


    To preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

    Give me power against unclean spirits

    Give me power to heal all manner of diseases and sickness

    Send me to the lost

    Give me power to raise the dead

    Power to cast out devils

    To give freely to others what You have freely given me

    To go at Your Word, expecting You to provide my needs

    To be a workman worthy of my pay

    To ask You for a blessing on the houses I enter

    That I be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove

    That I beware of men

    To be a witness against evil men and their deeds

    That I take no thought of what to say when brought before men, but allow You to speak through me

    To be hated of all men for Your Name’s sake

    That I endure to the end

    When persecuted in one city that I flee to another

    Not to try to be above You, but as You

    Fear not men

    Tell me things in darkness, help me speak it in the light

    Speak in my ear Lord, Help me preach what You speak

    To remember that every hair of my head is numbered

    To be fearless for You

    Confess You before men, never deny You

    Love no one more than You

    Take up my cross and follow You

    Lose my life for Your sake

    To receive You, and those You send to me

    To offer things like a cup of cold water in Your Name so I don’t lose my reward


    Do Your works

    To preach the gospel to the poor

    Not to be offended in You

    To prepare the way before You

    Give me ears to hear

    To be a child of wisdom

    To see Your mighty works, and repent

    To know you personally, not just know *of* you

    Lord, reveal Yourself to me

    To come to You

    To take Your yoke and learn of You


    Not to condemn the guiltless

    To do Your works on the Sabbath days

    To be well pleasing to You, Father

    Put Your Spirit on me

    Not to strive with men

    Lord don’t let Satan bind me, or spoil my goods

    To bind Satan and spoil his goods

    To gather with You and be strong in You

    That I never blaspheme the Holy Ghost

    Make my tree good, and my fruit good

    Make the abundance of my heart good

    Not to speak idle words

    To speak just and righteous words

    To repent at Your preaching

    To hear Your wisdom

    Not to let evil spirits re-enter me

    Not to let my spiritual house be empty, but fill me with Your Spirit

    Do Your will


    Let not the seed/Word fall by the wayside, or on stony ground, be choked by thorns/cares, riches of this world; to get no root

    Let me know the mysteries of the kingdom so more be given me

    I want to see, hear, and understand You

    Let not my heart wax gross (become fat) nor my ears be dull of hearing

    Be converted so You will heal me

    To understand the Words of the kingdom

    Be good ground and receive the seed/Word

    Have root in myself

    Not to be unfruitful

    Not to sleep and let tares be sown in my life

    Grow like mustard seed, like leaven

    To have nothing in me that offends You

    To not work iniquity (evil)

    To shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of my Father

    Buy field where treasure is, seek for pearl of great price

    Instruct me in the ways of the kingdom of heaven

    To bring out of my spiritual treasure things new and old

    To never to be offended by Your Word

    To not seek honor in my own country, or in my own house


    Be moved with compassion

    Give me bread to feed Your people

    To bless my food before eating

    To come apart, alone with You, to pray

    Be not afraid, no fear to be in me

    To not look on the circumstances around me, but keep my eyes on You, Jesus

    To cry out for You to save me in time of distress

    Be not of little faith, but great faith


    Not to transgress the commandments of God by traditions of men

    To honor my father and mother

    Not to draw near to You with my mouth and lips only

    For my heart to be near to You

    Not to worship You in vain

    Not to teach doctrines of men

    Not to be defiled by speaking evil words or confessing unbelief

    To be planted by You so I am not rooted up

    Not to be blind leading the blind

    Not to be led blindly to false doctrines, but have open eyes

    Not to have in my heart evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, or blasphemies

    To cry for You to have mercy on me and help me

    That I have great faith

    To have power to heal the lame, blind, dumb and maimed

    To have bread (the Word of God) in the wilderness (spiritually barren places)


    To discern the signs of the times

    That I not seek after a sign in order to believe

    To beware of the leaven (doctrine) of men

    To remember Your miracles and blessings, and be not forgetful

    Reveal to me by the Spirit who You are

    That the gates of hell shall not prevail against me

    Give me the keys to the kingdom that what I bind or loose on earth will be bound or loosed in heaven

    Never to rebuke You or try to go against Your purpose

    Never to be an offense to You

    To savor (relish, delight in) the things that be of God

    To know the things that be of You

    To deny myself, take up my cross, and follow You daily

    To lose my life for Your sake

    Not to give anything in exchange for my soul

    To have good works so You reward me with good things

    Not to taste of death


    Not be faithless nor perverse

    Take out all unbelief out of me

    That I may have faith as a grain of mustard seed

    Lord make nothing impossible to me

    To pray and fast to have power to cast out all kinds of demons

    Be free of debt

    Not to offend the government by not paying my taxes


    To be converted and become as a little child

    To humble myself as a little child

    Receive children in Your Name

    No to offend children

    Lord let no offense come by me

    Not to despise little ones

    To be a soul winner for You

    To leave the ninety and nine just persons and seek those who have gone astray

    To go to my brother about any fault between him and myself alone

    If he doesn’t hear then take two or three witnesses

    If he still doesn’t hear then tell the church

    If he still doesn’t hear, to consider him a heathen man

    To agree on earth with another for what we ask, so it will be done.

    To forgive others’ debts

    To have pity on others

    To forgive my brother his trespasses


    To be one with my wife/husband

    Let me not put my wife/husband asunder except for fornication

    Let me not marry one who has been divorced

    Not to have a hard heart

    To not allow others to call me good, since You only are good

    To keep Your commandments

    Do no murder, or commit adultery, not to steal, bear false witness

    To honor my Father and Mother

    To love my neighbor as myself

    To be able to sell all and give to the poor

    Not lose my ability to enter the kingdom of heaven due to riches

    To be able to forsake all for Your sake: houses, lands, brethren, sister, wife, children, father, mother


    To be working in Your vineyard, not idle

    To not murmur against You and hardships

    To not desire more than You have agreed to give me

    To drink of Your cup, and be baptized with Your baptism

    Give me a ministering spirit

    Give me a servant’s spirit

    To give my life as a ransom for others

    To not rebuke those crying out for You, Jesus

    To cry out for You regardless of others hindering me

    Lord have compassion on me

    To have compassion on others

    To receive my sight spiritually


    To be loosed from my home when the Lord has need of me

    To send with the ministers of the gospel anything they need for the Lord’s sake

    To come to Your people meekly and lowly

    To bless You and all that come in Your Name

    To cast out those who make Your House (the church) a den of thieves

    To make Your house a house of prayer

    To give You perfect praise

    To have faith and not doubt

    To believe when I ask in prayer

    To work by Your authority

    To not tell You “I will go” and then not go

    To repent and go anyway if I say “I will not go”

    To fall on the stone (Jesus), not the stone fall on me



Jesus was speaking in a parable about Himself in this scripture. In this area, He speaks of Himself as the stone which the builders (the religious leaders) rejected, and has become the head of the corner (the topmost cornerstone, meaning He is honored above all). He speaks of falling on the stone and being broken, meaning falling into the hands of Jesus with a broken and contrite spirit. The Lord will not despise or reject a broken and contrite heart [Psalms 34:18, 51:17]. He also speaks of the stone falling on some, meaning the wrath of God falling on their life.



● To fall on You, Jesus, with a broken heart, and not allow Your Wrath to fall on me



    Not to make light of Your wedding supper or Your Word

    Not to entreat Your servants spitefully

    To be worthy of Your wedding supper

    To gather anyone I can into the kingdom

    Regard not the person of men

    Not to come to You with wickedness in my heart, appearing to be righteous

    Not to tempt You

    Render to You the things that be of You

    Let me not err (be in error)

    To know the scriptures, and the power of God

    To have wisdom to put Your enemies to silence

    To love You with all of my heart, soul, mind

    To love my neighbor as myself


    To teach others, and do as I say

    To help others with their burdens

    Not to do works to be seen of men

    Not to love the uppermost rooms, chief seats

    Not to be called Rabbi (master)

    Not to call any man Father on earth

    To have a humble spirit

    Not to shut up the kingdom against men

    To go into the kingdom

    Not to devour widows' houses

    Not to make long prayers just to be seen of men

    When someone is converted, to make him a child of heaven, not hell

    To not be a fool or blind

    Not to overlook judgment, mercy, faith

    To pay tithes

    Not to strain at a gnat (small offense) and swallow a camel (huge offense)

    To not be full of extortion and excess

    To cleanse the inside first

    To not be full of dead men’s bones, all uncleanness, hypocrisy, iniquity

    Not fill up the evil measure of our fathers

    To be gathered under Your wings

    To say “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord”


    Let no man deceive me

    Be not troubled when I see trouble, or hear rumors

    To not betray anyone

    To hate no one

    To not let my love for You or anyone wax cold

    To endure to the end

    To preach the gospel of the kingdom in all the world

    If I flee, let it not be in the winter, nor on the Sabbath day

    Not to believe false Christs

    To be one of Your elect

    To know when I see the signs that Your coming is near

    To not be taken away in the destruction of the last days

    Watch for the thief that my house not be broken into

    Be ready for Your coming

    Be a faithful and wise servant

    To be found watching when You come


    Be a wise virgin

    Have oil (the Spirit of God) in my lamp and vessel (body)

    To go out to meet You

    To know You, and watch for You

    Not hide talent in earth but put to exchanger to get gain



The talent has more than one meaning. It can mean your God-given ability, or your goods, or it can mean money.


We are the earth, since we are made from the dust of the ground. We don't want to hide our God-given abilities inside ourselves. Abilities such as singing, preaching, playing music, skillful work, etc. are given by God for the purpose of saving souls. Instead of hiding those abilities (or using them solely for personal gain), we want to gain souls into the kingdom of heaven with our abilities.


In the case of our goods, Jesus told us to give to the poor, and we will have treasure in heaven. He also told us that when we have a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind. If we are unable to help the poor ourselves, the exchanger can be an organization or church that accepts donations to help or feed the poor. However, the gain, usury, or interest, in doing it this way is smaller than the next method.


In the case of money, we don't want to hide our money (even in the banks), but instead give it to the exchanger (the gospel minister) to make gain. When we give our money to the minister, he gains souls for the kingdom. This is the usury, or interest, that Jesus speaks about.



● To use my God-given ability to win souls, and not hide it, or be shy

● To give my goods to the poor, or those who will help the poor, maimed, lame and blind

● To give my money to the gospel minister to gain souls into Your Kingdom


    To make gain with my talent so more be given to me

    To be faithful over a few things so You can trust me with many things

    To not be unprofitable

    Lord make me a sheep, not a goat

    To feed the hungry

    To give the thirsty to drink

    To take in strangers

    To clothe the naked

    To visit the sick

    To go to those in prison and minister to them


    To work a good work upon You

    Not to sell You (not to replace Jesus with any worldly thing)

    Never betray You

    To eat Your flesh and drink Your blood

    To not deny You

    To tarry, watch and pray

    To submit my will to Yours

    Not to be asleep

    Not to enter into temptation

    That my spirit will have power and control over my flesh

    Not to take up or perish by the sword

    To allow the scriptures to be fulfilled in my life

    To be willing to go through tribulation

    Not to forsake You

    To hold my peace until You speak through me

    To see You sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven

    Let my speech betray (prove) that I have been with You, Jesus


    Not betray innocent blood

    To pay any price to gain You

    To release the prisoners

    To do no harm to any just man

    To have dreams warning me against mistakes and dangers

    Let Your blood be for me, not against me

    Never to mock You or Your ministers

    Bear Your cross

    Not to gamble

    Lord please don’t forsake me

    To yield my life to You

    To fear You

    To rise up from death


    Not to doubt You

    To go teach all nations to observe all Your commandments





    To be a Son of God

    Baptize me with the Holy Ghost

    Do that to make You pleased with me

    Drive me to fast and pray

    To believe the gospel

    Make me a fisher of men

    To forsake all and follow You

    To teach as one having authority

    To rebuke all unclean spirits

    To not allow unclean spirits or devils to speak

    To lift up and encourage those who are sick

    To rise up a great while before day to seek You

    To depart into a solitary place and pray

    To preach in other towns besides my own

    To send those who are healed to the doctors for a testimony to them

    To publish the testimony of Your work in my life everywhere

    To go into dry places and bring life to them


    To preach Your Word

    To do whatever is necessary to reach You

    To break down the barriers between myself and You

    To perceive the thoughts of men

    Power to forgive sins and heal

    To see You do things that I’ve never seen before

    To be a friend to sinners and evil men

    Send me to call sinners to repentance

    To fast and pray

    To become new cloth, a new wine skin (to hold Your Spirit)

    Be Lord of the Sabbath


    To do good and save life on the Sabbath days (and every day)

    To be angry at and grieved with evil

    To have no hardness of heart

    To withdraw from people to be alone with You

    To press past others to touch You

    Send me forth to preach

    Give me a holy name

    To be united with You and those in Your kingdom

    Not to let Satan bind me nor spoil my goods

    To be stronger than Satan

    Not to blaspheme the Holy Ghost

    To forsake my natural dad, mother, brethren and sisters and hold to my mothers, brethren and sisters in the Lord, and my Father in heaven

    To call no woman “the mother of God”, since whosoever does the will of God is Your mother, sister or brother

    To do Your will


    To know the mysteries of God

    Be able to see, hear and perceive

    To be converted, and my sins be forgiven me

    To understand all parables

    To sow (plant) the Word of God in other’s hearts

    Don’t let Satan take Your Word out of my heart

    Get root in myself

    Endure till the end

    Not to be offended at Your Word

    Not to let cares of the world, deceit of riches, lust of other things, take the Word out of me

    Have a hundred fold fruit in my life

    To not hide the Word or keep It a secret

    To take heed to how I hear

    To reap the harvest of souls

    Though I be less than all others, to grow to be great in Your kingdom

    To care when Your people are perishing

    To rebuke the forces of nature and the devil when they threaten lives

    To speak peace and cause calm

    To have faith to still spiritual and natural storms in my life and others


    To be properly clothed and have a right mind

    To tell my friends what great things You have done for me, and had compassion on me

    To not spend all I have on doctors that can’t heal me

    To never give up hope that I can be healed

    To have healing virtue in me

    To go in peace

    Not to be afraid

    To recognize that death is no hindrance to Your power


    Give me wisdom

    Lord work mighty works by my hands

    To be willing to go at Your Word without any additional provisions

    To have power over unclean spirits

    To preach that men should repent

    To heal the sick

    To know those who are just men and holy

    To hear the gospel gladly

    To not swear, or make promises, or oath, but to say “If the Lord wills”

    To reject evil requests, even if it makes me appear foolish

    To find rest with You alone, privately, apart from the world

    To run to meet You

    To divide Your Word to others

    To be of good cheer, and tell others to be of good cheer

    Lord make a holy vessel out of me

    My heart not to be hardened


    Lord help me not to find fault

    To have a heart close to You; to draw near with my heart

    Not to worship You in vain

    Not to reject Your commandments by men’s traditions

    Not to make Your Word of no effect by men’s traditions

    Not to be defiled by things in my heart

    To have no evil thoughts, adulteries, fornication, murder, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness (lewdness, filthiness, sensuality), evil eye, blasphemy, pride, or foolishness

    To make the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak


    To have meat (Your work) and bread (Your Word) in the wilderness (spiritually dry places)

    To use what is available, bless and multiply it

    To never tempt You

    To speak the truth openly, without fear of rebuke

    To cause Satan to get behind me

    To know and love the things of You

    To deny myself, take up the cross, and follow You

    To lose my life for Your sake and the gospel’s sake

    To give nothing in exchange for my soul

    To never be ashamed of You or Your Word


    Not to taste of death

    To see You in Your glory

    That my spiritual clothes will be white, spotless, and shining

    Not to be faithless

    To cast out and forget demons from my childhood

    To believe so that all things are possible to me

    Lord help mine unbelief

    To have power to command the demons not to enter back into me, or others

    To pray, fast, and cast out devils

    Not to desire to be the greatest

    To be last, a servant to all

    To receive children in Your Name

    To receive You, and Him that sent You

    To not forbid those working miracles in Your Name

    To do miracles in Your Name

    To be for You, not against You

    To give a cup of water (or other kindnesses) to those who belong to You

    Not to lose my reward

    Not to offend the little ones who believe in You

    Not to let my hand, foot, eye, or any member offend me

    To sacrifice for Your sake

    Not to lose Your saltiness in my life

    To have peace among fellow believers


    To cleave to and be one with my wife/husband

    Not to let any man put asunder what You have joined together

    To suffer (allow) little children to come unto You

    To become as a little child, to receive the kingdom of God

    To not allow men to call me good, since You alone are good

    Not to steal, kill, commit adultery, bear false witness, or defraud

    To honor my father and mother

    Sell and give to the poor, take up the cross and follow You

    To have my treasure in heaven

    Not to trust in riches

    To do the impossible through You

    Receive a hundred fold

    Drink of Your cup

    Be baptized with Your baptism

    Have a ministering spirit, to be servant to all

    To give my life to save souls

    Lord, have mercy on me

    Give me faith to be made whole


    Lord, have need of me

    Lord, find me fruitful

    To have faith in You and doubt not in my heart

    Believe those things which You say

    To believe when I pray

    To have a forgiving heart

    To not justify myself before men, but let You be my justification


    To treat Your servants with reverence, as Your messengers

    To be a well beloved Son

    To reverence You

    To not regard the person (worldly status) of men

    Render unto government the things which are theirs, and unto God the things which are God’s

    Not to err

    To know the scriptures and the power of God

    To love You Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind, strength and understanding

    To love my neighbor as myself

    To serve You as the One and only God

    To relinquish sin, instead of offering burnt offerings (asking for forgiveness) afterwards

    To not be far from the kingdom

    To hear You gladly

    To beware of the scribes and Pharisees (hypocritical religious leaders)

    To give sacrificially, instead of only of my abundance

    To be willing to give all of my living


    To let no man deceive me

    To be not troubled when I hear of wars

    To take heed to myself

    To publish the gospel everywhere

    To let the Holy Ghost speak through me

    To betray no one

    To endure unto the end

    Let my flight be not in the winter

    Believe not false Christs

    To take heed to myself, and not be deceived

    Watch and pray and not be found sleeping


    To do good to the poor

    To never betray You

    To partake of Your body and blood

    To sing hymns

    To pray at least one hour every day

    Watch and pray lest I enter into temptation

    To have control over my flesh

    Not to use evil curse words

    To weep for my sins


    Not to envy You

    To please You, instead of making people content

    Never to mock You or men of God

    Not to bring a railing accusation against Your ministers

    To minister unto You


    To have no unbelief nor hardness of heart

    To go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

    To be baptized

    To cast out devils in Your Name

    To speak with new tongues, to take up serpents

    If I drink any deadly thing it shall not harm me

    To lay hands on the sick and they shall recover

    Work with me, and confirm Your Word with signs following





    Make a Word minister of me

    Give me perfect understanding of Your Word

    To walk in Your commandments and ordinances blamelessly

    To not be barren

    Not to drink wine or strong drink

    To turn many to You

    To believe Your Words

    Take away reproach

    To be highly favored of You

    Overshadow me with the Holy Ghost

    Let it be unto me according to Your Word

    To leap for joy at Your coming

    You to do great things to me

    Give me Your mercy

    Be of low degree

    Fill me with Your good things

    Rejoice with those that rejoice

    Let Your hand be with me

    Visit and redeem me

    Lord save me from my enemies who hate me

    Perform Your mercy upon me

    To serve You without fear in holiness and righteousness

    Give me knowledge of salvation

    Give me light

    Guide my feet in the way of peace

    To wax strong in spirit


    Let Your glory shine about me

    To be called holy to You

    To be just and devout

    To not see death before I have seen You, Jesus

    To serve You with fasting and prayer

    Fill me with wisdom from You

    Not seek You among my kinsfolk & acquaintances

    Be about the Father’s business

    Be subject to You

    Increase in wisdom, stature, and favor with You and man


    To preach the remission of sins

    Prepare Your way in my life

    Fill low places in my life

    Bring down high places in my life

    Make the crooked way straight in my life

    Make rough way smooth in my life

    See Your salvation

    Warn me of the wrath to come

    To bring forth fruits worthy of repentance

    To give of my abundance to others that have none

    To not ask for more than is fair

    Do violence to no man

    Not to accuse any falsely

    To be content with my wages (payment), and the wages of righteousness

    Baptize me with the Holy Ghost and Fire

    Purge me

    Burn the chaff out of my life

    Let the heavens be opened unto me

    For You to be well pleased with me


    To be full of the Holy Ghost

    To be led by Your Spirit

    To live by Your every Word

    To not accept the power and glory of the world

    To worship You only

    Not to tempt You

    To be in the power of the Spirit

    Anoint me to preach the gospel to the poor

    To heal the broken hearted

    To preach deliverance to the captives

    To give recovering of sight to the blind

    To set at liberty them that are bruised

    To preach the acceptable year of the Lord

    Let the scriptures be fulfilled in my life

    To preach Your doctrine

    Let my words be with power

    Let me have power to rebuke Satan

    Have power and authority to command unclean spirits to leave

    Be able to lay hands on the sick and they recover

    Power to not suffer devils to speak


    To launch into the deep at Your Word

    To catch men’s souls

    To forsake all and follow You

    Make me clean

    When I am healed, to show myself to the doctors, for a testimony unto them

    To withdraw and pray

    Your power be present in my life to heal

    To have seeing faith

    To have power to forgive sins

    To eat with sinners, and call them to repentance

    To fast

    To become new cloth, and a new wine skin

    To desire the new wine (Holy Ghost), instead of the old


    To bring no accusation against the righteous

    To know people’s thoughts

    To do good and save lives

    To continue all night in prayer

    Have virtue to heal

    Be poor to have the kingdom

    To hunger and weep

    To be hated, separated from company, reproached, my name cast out as evil for Your sake

    Then rejoice and leap for joy for my great reward in heaven

    Not to be rich in the world but for the kingdom

    Not be full (of worldly things)

    Not laugh

    Not be well spoken of by men

    To love my enemies

    Do good to them that hate me, bless them that curse me

    Pray for those who spitefully use me

    To offer the other cheek when smitten (struck, hit)

    To give cloak also when coat is asked for and given

    To give to every man that asks of me

    Not to ask for return of goods taken

    Do to others as I would have them do unto me

    Love those that don’t love me

    Do good to those that don’t do good to me

    Not to do the same as sinners do

    Lend and not hope for anything again

    To be a child of the Highest

    To be kind to the unthankful and evil

    To be merciful

    To judge not

    To condemn not

    To forgive

    To give with great measure

    To be perfect as You are

    Not behold mote in brother’s eye and not perceive (notice) the beam in my eye

    To cast out the beam in my own eye

    To see clearly to pull out the mote in my brother’s eye

    Bring forth good fruit only

    To bring forth good things out of the good treasure of my heart

    To hear those things You say and do them

    Dig deep (into the Word of God and Your Spirit, not skim the surface)

    To be founded upon a rock (Jesus)


    To be worthy of You

    To have great faith

    To have compassion on widows

    To pass true rumors about Your works

    To cure many infirmities and plagues and free men from evil spirits

    Give sight to blind, lame to walk, cleanse lepers, make deaf hear

    Raise the dead, preach the gospel to the poor

    Never be offended in You, Jesus

    To go out to see Your prophets

    To be Your messenger

    Not to reject Your counsel

    To not listen when asked to join worldly activities

    To be a friend of publicans (tax collectors) and sinners

    Let wisdom be justified to me

    To not forbid or despise sinners coming to You

    To love You most

    To judge rightly

    To wash other’s feet, and anoint their head with oil

    To go in peace


    To show the glad tidings of the kingdom of God

    To minister to You and Your servants with my substance

    To know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven

    To not let Satan take the Word out of my heart

    Have root to stand in time of temptation and not fall away

    Let not the Word be choked with riches or pleasures of this life

    To bring forth fruit to perfection

    Have a good and honest heart and keep Your Word

    To not keep Your Word a secret or hidden

    Take heed to how I hear

    Hear the Word of God and do it

    Help my faith to be in the Word of God

    To wear clothes, and live in a house

    To sit at Your feet and keep my right mind

    Not to be taken with fear

    For God to do great things for me to tell

    To gladly receive and wait for You

    To fall down at Your feet

    To declare how You have healed me

    Faith to make me whole

    To fear not and only believe

    To encourage those that weep and mourn


    Give me power and authority over all devils

    To preach the kingdom, heal the sick, and cure diseases

    To take nothing for my journeys that You don’t instruct

    To desire to see You

    To give the hungry to eat until they are filled

    To gather leftovers and not waste them

    To know who I am in Jesus

    To be rejected of men

    To deny myself, take up my cross and follow You daily

    Lose my life for Your sake, not be a castaway

    Never be ashamed of You or Your Words

    Not taste of death, but see Your kingdom

    Pray, not sleep; see Your glory; hear Your Words

    To know what I say, not speak uselessly

    To not be faithless or perverse and be able to rebuke unclean spirits

    For Your sayings to sink down into my ears

    That the meaning of Your sayings will not be hidden to me

    To be the least among men

    To receive You

    Always be for You Jesus, set my face to suffer

    Not to be of spirit to destroy men’s lives

    Follow You first; put hand to plow, and not look back

    To be fit for Your kingdom


    Lord send forth laborers into Your harvest

    Be as a lamb among wolves

    To know if peace be in house

    Not to go from house to house (not to sleep and eat at multiple houses)

    To be worthy of my hire

    Heal the sick, bring the kingdom of God to those we are sent to

    To shake off the dust from my feet if they don’t receive

    To repent when mighty works are done in Your Name

    For the devils to be subject in Your Name

    Give me power to tread on serpents and scorpions

    Nothing to hurt me, power over all the enemy’s devices

    To rejoice that my name is written in heaven

    Reveal the Father to me

    Have eyes to see and ears to hear

    To love You with all my heart, soul, strength, mind and my neighbor as myself

    Not to avoid those who are unfortunate, wounded, cast aside, broken down along the way

    Have compassion and mercy on those who need help

    To be neighbor to the ignored and forsaken

    Sit at Your feet and hear Your Word

    Not be careful or troubled about natural things but choose needful and good


    To give honor and glory to Your Name

    For Your kingdom to come in my life

    That I will do Your will even as it is in heaven

    Give me my spiritual and natural bread today

    Forgive my sins; I forgive those indebted to me

    Not to be led into temptation

    Deliver me from evil

    Give me natural and spiritual bread for Your people

    To pray for my needs until You are importuned (bothered, annoyed with requests)

    Teach me to pray, ask, seek, knock, for more of Your Spirit

    To have what I need to cast out devils

    To divide, break apart the devil’s kingdom

    To be strong in You, and in the power of Your might

    To take the devil’s armor from him, that he trusted in, and divide his spoils

    To be strong, armed, and put on the whole armor of God

    To be one with You

    Have my life full of Your Word and Spirit and leave no room for Satan

    Hear and keep Your Word

    Have single eye with no darkness in it

    Have my eyes full of light, having no part dark

    To be clean on inside of cup (spiritually clean), as well as the outside (physically clean)

    To give alms (gifts to the poor) of such things as I have

    To give tithes of all my increase, including of herbs

    To not pass over judgment and love of God

    To not love the praise of men

    Not to be dead inside

    To help lift others’ heavy burdens

    To enter the knowledge of God, and to not hinder anyone

    Not to provoke or accuse You or Your ministers


    To beware of the leaven (doctrine) of hypocrisy

    To not speak anything in secret that I don’t want the world to know

    To fear God; not to fear those who can kill the body only

    To remember I am not forgotten by You

    To remember You care for me so much You even number my hairs

    To remember I am of more value to You than many sparrows

    To confess You before men and never deny You

    To never blaspheme the Holy Ghost, nor speak a Word against You

    To take no thought of what to speak if brought up before counsel

    Beware of covetousness

    If I have no place to store my goods, to give to others

    Be rich toward God’s kingdom

    Take no thought for life, food, or clothing

    To consider the ravens, that You feed them, that they don’t labor

    To consider the lilies, that they don’t toil or spin, yet You clothe them with beauty

    Be not of little faith or doubtful mind

    Seek the kingdom of God, sell and give alms

    For my treasure and my heart to be in heaven

    For my loins to be girded with the truth and my light burning

    Wait for You, and be ready to open for You

    To be watching always; not to suffer the thief to break in

    To be a faithful and wise steward

    Not to think You are delaying Your coming

    To not eat and drink and be drunken

    To know Your will and prepare for it

    To meet requirements for much to be given

    Put Your fire in me

    To use Your Word to rightly divide the evil from the good

    To be able to discern the time

    To judge what is right

    Give diligence to be delivered if I go to law with adversary


    Not to suppose that others sin above me (all sin brings death - Romans 6:23)

    That I have a repentant heart

    Dig and dung about life so I will bear fruit

    Let the kingdom grow in my life

    To loose those bound with infirmities and oppressions of the devil

    Not to be a hypocrite

    To speak the Word that puts Your adversaries to shame

    To grow strong and mighty in Your kingdom from humble beginnings

    To preach Your doctrine, that spreads through everything

    That I strive to enter into the strait (narrow) gate

    To truly know You personally, and not just know about You

    To never work iniquity

    To be worthy to sit down in the kingdom of God

    To be last to be first

    To not fear those who threaten to kill me

    To be perfected

    To gather together with You under Your wings

    To bless those who come in Your Name


    Have a humble spirit, take the lowest seat

    To abase myself

    To call the poor, maimed, lame, blind, to feast

    Never make excuse to sup (eat) with You, Jesus



The supper has more than one meaning. The Bible says “the Word (of God) was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth” [John 1:14]. Jesus said “I am the bread of life...” [John 6:35] “... and the bread that I will give is my flesh...” [John 6:51]. Therefore, eating supper with Jesus means eating the bread of life - hearing the Word of God. In this parable, we are bidden, called, to a supper to eat that bread of life. This is where two meanings are shown. In one case, we are called by the minister of the gospel to hear the Word of God. In the second case, we are called to the great marriage supper in heaven. In both instances, we are often inclined to make excuses to avoid church, or tent revivals, or heaven itself. Let’s rid ourselves of such excuses as “I’m tired”, “I’m busy”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I’m sick”, “Maybe next time” etc.



● Never make excuse to avoid church

● Never make excuse to avoid hearing Your Word

● Never make excuse to avoid entering heaven


    Send me to the poor, maimed, halt and blind to bring them to Your house

    Send me to highways and hedges so that Your house will be full

    To compel (force, constrain) the lost to come in to Your kingdom

    Hate life and family to be Your disciple

    To count cost, bear cross and forsake all

    To finish my spiritual building

    To never desire conditions of peace with the devil

    That my salt not lose its savor


    To receive sinners, and eat with them

    To leave the saved, seek the lost, and rejoice when found

    Seek diligently for souls

    Not to forsake my spiritual home for the pleasures of the world

    Not to waste the gifts You give me in riotous living

    To see the sinner a great way off and have compassion on him

    To rejoice when the dead in sin are made alive through You, Jesus

    To rejoice and feast with the newly saved

    To not be angry and envious when recently saved Christians receive blessings from You that I haven’t

    To know that if I do not transgress Your commandment, all You have is mine for the asking


    Not to waste anything You give me

    To be a wise and faithful steward

    To be wiser than the children of this world

    Be faithful in the least

    To be faithful in earthly riches so You can trust me with true riches

    To be faithful with other people’s goods

    Not serve mammon (money, wealth), but serve God

    To not justify myself before men

    To never be highly esteemed before men

    To press into the kingdom

    To never put away wife/husband and marry another

    To remember the poor, sick, beggars and wretched

    To recognize the value of every person as a treasured soul

    To hear Moses and the prophets. Without hearing them I won’t hear You

    Please God, don’t let me go to hell


    That offenses never come through me

    If brother trespasses against me, rebuke and forgive him

    To have patience with those who trespass against me

    To use the faith You have already given me

    To have faith as a grain of mustard seed

    To work in Your field, and feed You

    To do all You command me

    To still say that I am an unprofitable servant

    To say I have only done my duty

    To always thank and glorify God

    Not to be part of the spirit of the world in the days of Noah

    Not to be part of Lot's spirit or Lot’s wife’s spirit

    Remember Lot’s wife and not look back (not long for sins again)

    To lose my life

    Not to be taken in the destruction of the wicked


    To always pray and not faint

    To pray for my needs so often that (if it were possible) I might weary You

    To pray humbly and continuously day and night, not as the Pharisees pray

    To suffer little children to come to Jesus

    Receive the kingdom as a child

    To not accept praise of men, or allow them to call me good

    To not kill, steal, commit adultery, bear false witness

    To honor father and mother

    Sell all and give to the poor, and follow You

    Be rich for the kingdom of heaven’s sake

    To strive to save the impossible sinner

    That Your sayings not be hidden to me; understand what You speak

    Not to rebuke those crying in distress

    To receive my sight


    To do anything necessary to see You

    Please abide in my house

    To receive You joyfully

    Not to murmur against You or Your ministers

    To occupy until You come

    To accept You as reigning King over me

    Add to that given to me by You

    Be faithful in a very little

    Put that given to me to exchangers (gospel ministers) to get more

    To have, so more will be given to me

    Lord, have need of me

    To give You the highest glory - HALLELUJAH!

    To not rebuke those praising You

    To not hold my peace when praising You

    Know things that belong to our peace

    Know the time of visitation

    To make Your house a house of prayer

    To be very attentive to hear You


    To treat Your servants with kindness, not shamefully

    To send Your servants away full

    To reverence You

    To fall upon the stone (Jesus), not the stone fall upon me

    To be just, and not only appear just

    To teach Your ways in truth

    That I never tempt You

    To render to God the things that are God’s

    That I be accounted worthy to obtain resurrection

    Live unto You

    To be not as the scribes making long prayers for show


    To give all my living for the gospel

    That I be not deceived, go not after false Christs

    That l be not terrified when I hear of wars and commotions

    Turn my persecution into a testimony

    Not to meditate before what I will answer men

    Give me the mouth of wisdom when persecuted

    Don’t let my adversaries be able to gainsay or resist

    To remember that not a hair of my head will perish

    Give me patience to possess my soul

    That my heart not fail for looking on things coming upon earth

    To look up, for my redemption draweth nigh

    To see these things come to pass and know that the kingdom of God is near at hand

    Fulfill Your Word in my generation

    That my heart be not overcharged (not have a heart attack) with surfeiting (gluttony, overeating), drunkenness, cares of life that the day not take me unawares

    To watch and pray always

    Count me worthy to escape all and stand before You

    To come to You early in the morning and hear You


    Never betray You

    To eat Your flesh, drink Your blood

    To take the Lord’s supper in remembrance of You

    Be as younger son and not strive to be greatest, as a server

    Continue in (and through) temptation

    To eat and drink at Your table in Your kingdom

    Let not Satan sift me as wheat

    That my faith does not fail

    That I be converted to strengthen brethren

    Never deny You

    That I pray not to enter into temptation

    That Your will, not mine, will be done

    Let Your angels appear and strengthen me

    To pray more earnestly, drink the bitter cup

    Not sleep when I should be praying

    Not be under the power of darkness


    To be exceeding glad and desire to see You

    To find no fault in the just

    To release those imprisoned by Satan

    To be strong when small persecution arises, for greater comes

    Forgive those who do wrong to me

    Lord, remember me, and permit me to be with You in paradise

    Commend my spirit to You

    To be a just man and not consent to evil counsel and deeds

    To wait for the kingdom of God

    To rest the Sabbath day according to the commandment


    Go to You early

    To not seek the living among the dead

    To remember Your Words

    To believe the reports of Your remarkable acts

    Jesus draw near unto me

    That my eyes be open to know You

    To trust You to redeem me

    To not be slow of heart to believe the scriptures

    Expound the scriptures to me

    Open my eyes to see You

    Make Yourself known to me

    Let my heart burn with Your fire

    Let Your peace be with me

    Open my understanding to the Word

    That I preach repentance, remission of sins

    To be a witness of You and Your works

    Endue me with power from on high

    To continually praise and bless You





    Give me Your life and Your light

    To bring Your light to the darkest places

    To witness of You

    To cause all men to believe in You

    To know and receive You and Your fullness

    To have power to become a son of God

    To be born of God

    To behold Your glory

    To be full of grace and truth

    Declare the Father to me

    To behold the Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the world

    To bear record of You

    To abide with You in spirit

    To see You do greater things than You have already done

    To see heaven openly

    Your angels ascending and descending on me


    To always do what You say

    To have living water and new wine from You

    To desire and be filled with the good wine

    Manifest Your glory to me

    To drive and scourge the devil out of my bodily temple

    For the zeal of Your house to eat me up

    To know what is in man


    God be with me

    To be born again, and see the kingdom of God

    To be born of the water and the Spirit, and enter into the kingdom of God

    To testify of those things I have seen You do

    Tell me of heavenly things

    To lift You up

    To believe in You, and on Your Name, Jesus

    Not to condemn the world

    To come to Your light

    To be willing to receive reproof

    To do truth and my deeds be wrought in You

    Give me things from heaven

    To rejoice greatly at Your voice, and be filled with joy

    For me to decrease and You to increase

    To receive Your testimony

    Give not the Spirit by measure to me


    To know the gift of God in life

    Give me the living waters of everlasting life

    To worship You in spirit and in truth

    Give me spiritual meat that the world knows not of

    To do Your will and finish God’s will in my life

    To look upon the fields and not say yet four months

    Make me a reaper of souls


    To sin no more

    To work with the Father

    To do what You do

    Show me Your works

    To raise the dead, and quicken whoever I will

    To honor You

    To hear and believe Your Words

    To pass from death unto life

    To have life in myself

    Give me authority in Your kingdom

    To judge as I hear from You

    Seek not my own will

    Never bear witness of myself

    To bear witness unto the truth

    To not receive testimony from man

    Let Your works through me bear witness that You have sent me

    To search the scriptures so Your Word abides in me

    Give me Your life

    Seek honor only from You, not man

    To have the love of God in me

    To not receive those who come in their own name

    To believe Moses’ writings


    To distribute a little among many, and have much left over

    To gather the remnant, that nothing be lost

    Labor not for meat that perishes

    To labor for meat that endureth to everlasting life

    Seal me with Your Spirit

    Believe on You to do Your works

    Partake of true bread of life; eat Your flesh and drink Your blood

    Not to do my will, to live by You

    Not to murmur or complain

    Draw me to You

    Teach me

    To dwell in You, eat You and live by You

    To listen and hear Your sayings, even if they seem to be hard

    Quicken my by Your Spirit

    Never go back


    To testify of the world, that its works are evil

    To do Your will so I will know Your doctrine

    To seek Your glory

    Judge righteous judgment, not judge by appearance

    To be sent of You, and know You

    To be able to go where You are

    To thirst after You

    Let the rivers of living waters flow out of my belly

    Not to judge any man before I hear him, and know what he does


    To be without sin, and sin no more

    Not to not cast stones

    Not to condemn, but to forgive

    To not walk in darkness

    To bear true record

    To not judge after the flesh

    To judge no man

    To not be of this world

    Be taught of God

    To speak to the world the things which I have heard of You

    To do nothing of myself

    To speak as You teach me

    To always do what pleases You, Father

    Continue in Your Word

    To know the truth

    To not be a servant of sin

    Make me free

    Let Your Word have place in me

    To speak that which I have seen with You, Father

    For You, God, to be my Father instead of the devil

    To be able to understand Your speech

    To speak and listen to the truth

    To hear God’s Words

    Not to seek my own glory

    To keep Your sayings

    To honor You, Father and know You


    Manifest Your works in me

    Work God’s work while it is day

    To believe the testimony of those who have been healed by You

    To worship You, do Your will, and be from and of You

    To see and talk to You, Jesus

    To be able to see spiritually


    Enter in by the door — Jesus

    To know and hear Your voice

    To not follow a stranger

    Lord give me abundant life

    To have a shepherd spirit, to not be a hireling

    To know You as You know me

    To have power to lay down my life, and power to take it again

    For Your works to bear witness in me

    To hear Your voice and follow You

    To do the works of the Father

    To be of Your sheep

    To remember that no man can pluck me out of Your hand

    To be one with the Father through You, Jesus

    Sanctify me and send me into the world

    To be Your son


    To walk in the light, and have Your light in me

    To awake those who are asleep

    To work by Your time, not mine

    To have Your resurrection power in me

    Believe on You to live and never die

    Believe to see the glory of God

    Believe that You always hear me

    To loose the bound


    To care for the poor

    To understand the things written in the Word

    To cause the whole world to go after You

    Spiritually fall in the ground and die to bring forth much fruit

    Hate my life to keep it

    Serve and follow You

    To be where You are and to have the Father honor me

    Father, glorify Your Name

    Speak to me from heaven

    To cast out the prince of this world

    To lift You up to draw all men to You

    To walk and believe in Your light so no darkness come upon me

    That I may be a child of light

    Please don’t hide Yourself from me

    To believe Your report

    Reveal Your arm (strength) to me

    Don’t let my eyes be blinded nor my heart hardened

    To see with Your eyes

    To be converted and see Your glory

    To love praise of God more than praise of men

    Believe and see You so not to be in darkness

    Never reject Your Words

    To speak as the Father says unto me


    To love You and the brethren until the end

    Don’t let Satan put anything in my heart

    To know that You have put all things into my hands

    To know that I come from You, and go to You

    Wash me, so that I have a part with You

    Make me clean every whit (every part)

    Wash one another’s feet

    Receive what and who You send

    To never betray You

    Glorify Yourself in me

    To love one another as You love me

    To be able to lay down my life for You


    Let not my heart be troubled

    To be where You are

    To know the way

    To have and know the truth

    To have and know the life

    To know the Father through You

    Speak not of myself

    Believe on You to do Your works and greater works

    To ask all in Your Name

    To do all to glorify You Jesus

    To love You and keep Your commandments

    To know, see, receive, and have in me the Spirit of truth

    To be comforted by You

    To live because You live

    To be in You as You are in the Father

    To know and keep Your commandments

    Manifest Yourself to me

    To love You, keep Your Word

    That You make Your abode (dwelling) with me

    Holy Ghost to teach me all things

    Bring all things to my remembrance, You have spoken to me

    To have Your perfect peace in me

    For the prince of this world have nothing in me

    To do Your commandments


    To be purged and bear fruit

    To bring forth more fruit

    For Your Words to cleanse me

    To abide in You so I can bring forth much fruit

    Abide in You so I can ask and it be done

    Bear fruit to glorify the Father

    To be Your disciple

    To be and continue in Your love by keeping Your commandments

    Your joy to remain in me and my joy to be full

    To love others as You love me

    Have love to lay my life down for a friend

    Do Your commandments to be Your friend

    To know all things the Father has spoken and given You

    Choose and ordain me to bring forth fruit

    That whatsoever I ask in Your Name, the Father will give me

    To love one another

    To remember if the world hate me, it hated You first

    To be not of this world and remember You chose me out of this world

    To not try to be greater than You

    Be persecuted by the world for Your Name's sake

    To speak to the world and do Your works so they have no cloke for their sin

    For the Spirit of Truth to testify of You

    To bear witness of You


    To not be offended when persecuted

    To remember the things You told me about

    Send the Comforter to me

    Reprove sin

    To be able to bear those things You would tell me

    For You to guide me in all truth

    Your Spirit to show me things to come

    Show me Yourself

    To glorify You

    To weep, lament, and be sorrowful

    To remember no more the anguish when I have brought You forth

    For no man to take my joy

    To ask in Your name that my joy may be full

    Please don’t speak to me in proverbs any more

    Show me plainly of Father

    Stay in You and have peace

    To be of good cheer

    To overcome the world


    Glorify me, that I may also glorify You

    Give me power over all flesh

    To give eternal life to as many as You have given me

    To know You and for You to be glorified in me

    To finish the work which You gave me to do

    To manifest Your Name

    To give others the Words which You have given me

    To pray for those that You have given me

    Keep me, Father, through Your own Name - Jesus

    To be one with You, Father, through Jesus

    To lose none of those You give me

    To have Your joy fulfilled in me

    That I be not of this world

    That You keep me from evil

    Sanctify me through thy truth

    Send me into the world

    Give me Your glory

    To be made perfect

    To know that You love me, as You loved Jesus

    To be with You where You are

    To behold Your glory

    To declare Your Name, Jesus


    To never deny who I am in You

    Be willing to drink the bitter cup

    To never deny You

    To speak openly of You to the world

    To say nothing in secret

    To have kingdom not of this world

    To bear witness to the truth and be of the truth

    To hear and know Your voice


    For the world to have no power over me

    That You will always be my only King

    To never gamble

    To provide for the motherless and those who have lost children

    To thirst for You

    To finish Your work

    That none of my bones will be broken

    Let Your blood and water cleanse me

    Not to be Your disciple secretly, but openly


    Give me Your peace

    Send me

    To receive the Holy Ghost

    Give me power to remit and retain sins

    To choose to always forgive sins, so You will forgive mine

    Not to be faithless, but believing

    For me not to have to see to believe


    Be fisher of souls

    To cast the net for souls in the right place

    To love You Lord

    To be able to feed Your lambs and sheep

    To follow You always

    I love You Jesus